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Koa Bay Amenities

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Unlimited Surf

As a Surf Club Member, you will have unlimited access to the Wavegarden Cove and UNIT Surf Pool along with exclusive perks. Beyond the surf are a variety of exhilarating activities and world class amenities to fill your days and create lasting memories for you, your family and friends.

The all inclusive room rates at Koa Bay’s hotel and resort allow guests to experience all that Koa Bay has to offer during their stay.


Surf Coaching

Whether you’re a pro or an aspiring ripper, coaching is critical in progressing your surfing skill. You will have access to the best surf coaches as a member at Koa Bay. Your coach will set up a plan specific to your needs so your game will improve each year. Whether you want to nail your top turn, learn airs, or prep for a trip to Chopes, Koa Bay has the resources to get you dialed.
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Healthy Eating

Koa Bay’s food & beverage offerings provide easy access to nutritious, delicious meals made from fresh, natural ingredients. Fort Pierce offers a plethora of locally-sourced options. We emphasize balanced dishes rich in vitamins, minerals, and essential nutrients that cater to various dietary needs. Menus will typically include salads, whole grains, lean proteins, and plant-based options, promoting overall to complement your surfing and well-being.
functional training

Functional Training

Koa Bay’s Functional Training incorporates multi-planar movements, core stability, balance, power, and coordination. Our world class trainers can create customized programming to progress your surfing, physique, and well-being. Surfing is a physically-demanding sport – members will have access to the latest tools to enhance mobility, prevent injuries, and maximize athletic performance.


Yoga enhances surfing performance by improving balance, flexibility, and core strength. Our experienced teachers will help you achieve better body control and stability, while also promoting mental focus and relaxation. Our professionals also incorporate breathing techniques and proven stress relief methods which can enhance your surfing enjoyment and contribute to overall well-being.
co-working space

...and More!

Residence and guests have access to Koa Bay’s fully-appointed co-working offices, social spaces, and numerous walking and biking paths. Making Koa Bay Resort & Community like no other is the ability to traverse the community through its network of canals on kayaks or SUP’s starting or ending at the 20-acre lake.


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Catch the Wave

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