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A Waterbourne Resort & Community

water: (wô´ter) n. 1. an odorless, tasteless liquid compound of hydrogen and oxygen that makes up rain, oceans, lakes, and rivers: Water is essential to life. 
bourne: (bôrn) n. 1. destination; goal. 2. realm; domain. something that one hopes or intends to accomplish.

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Inspired by natures splendor • Created by human ingenuity

Water is a life force that is central to the human experience. We are all drawn to the oceans and rivers that surround us. They are natural forces that sustain us, scare us, tempt us and rejuvenate us. Waterbourne is the leader in delivering experiences propelled by mechanical rapids and waves. We bring these natural wonders closer to home so more people can experience the life affirming forces that river rapids and ocean waves can bring to our lives.

It is said that life is not a destination but a journey. At Waterbourne we believe life is best lived when we set out to better ourselves every day, live with intention, and make the most of each moment. To do this we must set goals, get out of our comfort zone, and never be satisfied. When we accomplish one goal, we set a new one and the journey starts anew. When you live in or visit a Waterbourne resort and community, every day is a journey.

Destinations begin at Waterbourne.

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With 45 years of experience, Devcon Enterprises’ roots are in the planning, construction and management of multi-family housing, retail and office properties. Over the last several years, Devcon has acquired, permitted and sold thousands of acres in Florida, successfully obtaining entitlements for six master-planned communities. Devcon continues to be synonymous with integrity, quality and innovation.

Koa Bay Partners

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Wavegarden® is a cutting-edge engineering company dedicated to the research, design, manufacture, installation and operation of world-class wave generating systems and surfing lagoons. For over a decade they have developed leading-edge wave technologies to create the most realistic surfing experience available outside of the ocean. Focusing on maximizing user experience and minimizing energy consumption, they have tested many different methods of producing waves, with the underlying aim of attaining the simplest, most efficient, most reliable technologies possible.

With 7 surf parks in operation (Aläia Bay-Switzerland, Wave Park-South Korea, Urbnsurf-Melbourne, The Wave-Bristol, Praia da Grama-Brazil, WG HQ-Spain, and Surf Snowdonia-Wales) and several other Wavegarden Coves in construction (Surfland-Brazil, The Wave-London, Dsrt Surf-Coachella, Urbnsurf-Sydney), and more than 30 projects in development across 5 continents in the coming years, Wavegarden is considered by discerning investors to be the market leader in the rapidly emerging sector of wave generation technology.

unit surf pool

UNIT Surf Pool

UNIT Surf Pool offers innovative artificial surf technology that creates an adjustable deepwater rapid wave in any environment, near or far from the ocean. The brand creates access to authentic surf experiences with a focus on sustainable and eco-friendly engineering and design.


Founded in 1977, Arquitectonica continues to push the limits of design with its innovative use of materials, geometry, pattern and color to introduce a new brand of humanistic modern design to the world.

Fetterhoff Company is a professional consulting corporation specializing in construction project management, owner’s representation and research services. Fetterhoff Company was established in 1992 and has been engaged as design and construction managers on some of the most prominent commercial development projects around the world. Our success in delivering these one-of-a-kind marquee venues has provided our team with unmatched experience and knowledge on very large, challenging projects with short schedules and extremely high expectations. Our staff has management experience on hundreds of projects across the US and worldwide with a total project value exceeding $20 billion.

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